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Gold Claims For Sale in BC

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A Good Claim is A Good Start.

We sell gold claims in British Columbia - placer claims and mineral claims.

In BC, a placer claim or mineral claim gives you the exclusive right to the placer or hardrock minerals in the area of the claim.

Individuals and mining firms buy gold claims to get the ground they want - the locations and the opportunities that are available no other way.

Please see the Requirements to Buy a Claim.

Placer claims and mineral claims are sometimes called "gold claims", "mining claims" or "mining properties".


Getting Work Done on Your Claim

Working your claim is the best way to move out the Good-To Date. When you can't, we may be your best option.

We provide exploration and test-mining services - hand-mining, trenching, drilling and other machine-mining. Invest in Your Claim!



Selling Your Claim

If want to sell placer or mineral claims in BC, tell us which ones.



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