Gold Mining

Gold Claims For Sale in BC

Requirements to Buy a Claim

To buy a placer claim or a mineral claim, you need... You need a BCeID to get a FMC.

A FMC gives you the right to say "I'm not a tourist - I'm a miner. (Which is true, even if you are a prospector.)

Getting a "Business" BCeID

You need a "Business" type of BCeID even if you are an individual. This is because you will be doing business with the BC Government - owning and renewing a claim, renewing your Free Miner Certificate, etc.

BCeIDs are free. Click to Get Started.

When you are asked for your "business type", select "Proprietorship".

If you are not a business that is already registered in BC, you may have to prove your identity in BC.

See the BCeID Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting a Free Miner Certificate (FMC)

To get a Free Miner Certificate (FMC), you need a "Business" type of BCeID. See above. You must also be...

The cost of a FMC for an individual is $25 per year until you are 65, and free every year after that.

A corporation, trust company, insurer or chartered bank that is registered in BC can acquire or renew a FMC at a cost of $500 per year.

A partnership registered in BC can get a FMC if all partners qualify for one. The cost is $25 per year, or if any partners are corporations, $500 per year.

See the FMC Frequently Asked Questions on the government's website.

How to Get a FMC

You can get a FMC at any...

You can also print out a form, fill it in, and mail it with a cheque for $25 for an individual or $500 for a corporation, payable to Minister of Finance, to:

Mineral Titles Branch
300 - 865 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2G3

See Free Miner Certificate for an Individual for the form and more information.

If you are using Firefox or Google Chrome, the form might not work. If this is happening to you, the page has a link to a different Application Form for Firefox and Chrome. There are also links for Corporate and Partnership FMC application forms.

Printing and Renewing Your FMC

A person who has a FMC or had one in the past can renew it using the Mineral Titles Online (MTO) System.

You can also print your FMC using the MTO system.

You need a Business BCeID and password to logon to the MTO system.