Gold Mining

Gold Claims For Sale in BC

Government Links

To Contact the Government

Mineral Titles Branch about claims, rules, approving work permits and approving work reported to renew a claim.

Regional Mining Offices for some of the rules, maybe whether you need a permit, and any questions that have to be answered by an inspector.

The Law and Regulations

Legislation Page in the Mineral Titles website, which includes links to...

      Mineral Tenure Act

      Mineral Tenure Act Regulation

Information Updates describe how some laws and regulations work

Pump Intake Screening Rules (PDF)

The Government Website

Mineral Titles Website with Getting Started, FAQ, Placer Areas, Recreational Panning Reserves, Forms and Publications, etc.

Non-Government Links

BC Placer isn't a government website, but a lot of people use it to learn about the government MTO system and to look up laws and rules.

BC Placer - Government Links You Need if you can't find what you want here.